Andover Street, San Francisco

Andover Street, San Francisco

find joy in life by expressing gratitude daily ~ it can be an easy task when things are going smoothly.  even when things get complicated in our more challenging moments, if we peer deep into the corners and dark spaces we can usually find "something" to be grateful for.  we must keep our eyes and hearts open as we walk along the path looking up and down ~ inside and out.  it's a wonderful practice, and there is no telling what surprise might just be around the corner.    may all beings be happy!

The Desert

Vasquez Rocks Natural Area Park , Agua Dulce, California

Vasquez Rocks Natural Area Park, Agua Dulce, California

Life in a harsh environment requires tenacity....and a little water! On your journey, stay present in the moment with gratitude for the little things!

Spring Equinox

Happy Spring!

Today, there is also a solar eclipse and a super moon!  So hang on and enjoy the ride...and don't forget to gaze at the heavens above! May peace ~ love ~ joy fill your days and nights!